The urge to exit

The urge to exit starts at the start of the journey and stays with you till the very end! Then it doesn’t matter whether you are peaking in your career graph and making millions or struggling to make ends meet. The urge to exit could suddenly take precedence, make your past journey meaningless, future uncertain. It is potent. As potent as the urge to start something new. In fact the two are not distinct. The urge to exit is the cause and effect of the urge to start something new. It’s a thought that can trigger an irreversible action. It is driven by the desire to be in a new state as the old gets boring, starts rotting and becomes redundant. The curiosity of experiencing the unseen is powerful enough to let people shed away the old and the beloved. What is once accomplished becomes worthless. To a lot of people, quitting is a taboo. It is linked to running away from your duties and responsibilities. But to people who are actually doing it, it’s freedom, a state of trance, even though they don’t realize it’s short lived. Leaving one thing will simply lead you to starting another. You free yourself from one bond and you will attach yourself to another. The freedom will be gone in a flash. Life and death works in exactly the same way just that we give it way too much importance maybe because it lasts longer and is most visible to us. We are living and dying every single moment. You breath in, you live. You breath out, you die. In between the two breaths is a fraction of a microsecond when you are actually free. That state of freedom between life and death is the real freedom. But it doesn’t last long. The urge to exit is like that breath that wants to leave your body. It’s not abnormal and it shouldn’t be seen with suspicion. It is as important as the breath that enters your body. In a single life, you live many lives. Which means that you will also die as many times. It’s like the brackets in a computer program [ ]. You can keep opening new brackets but eventually you will have to keep closing each one of them else the program will not run. The rule is that the most recent one must close first and the first bracket that opened must close last. The problem occurs when you mix up the brackets and start closing the wrong bracket first and keep opening new ones without a track of the old ones. Life will certainly hang up just like the computer program will. And it will stay in this hung up stage till you close the right brackets. While you don’t have to be guilty about shutting a door in your life, be sure that you are only shutting what you opened and that you shut all the doors that you opened after opening the main door. Otherwise, the exit will not be whole and complete. And the new start will not be as exciting and uplifting as you thought it would be.

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