Why it is not so easy to build your personal brand?

Each one of us struggles to manage our multiple personality disorders. You can have as many as 6 unique personalities in action in a single day depending on whom you are with or interacting with or the situations you encounter as you live your day.

  1. Your personality when you are alone or let me say not alone but with yourself, when you are driving a car alone, reading a book, traveling in a plane or simply meditating.
  2. Your personality when you are with your family – your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your children.
  3. Your personality when you are with your closest friends, the ones you trust blindly and can share anything with.
  4. Your personality when you are at work with your colleagues, the people with whom you have to work and take work out of.
  5. Your personality when you are with your clients or people who will pay you, when you usually end up showing your best side.
  6. Your personality when you are posting and interacting on social media or when you attend a networking event, the side that hides everything else behind you.

You can add a few more to this list. For example, your personality when a stranger bangs your car from behind or a waiter who serves you your favorite coffee with a smile. In building a brand, we often talk about developing a single unified personality and the importance of consistency. Imagine being consistent as a personal brand under all situations and conditions that you are a part of each day. Imagine being pulled in all directions and the struggle to stay true to a single personality and image. It’s not easy.

Think of personal brands that inspire you. Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Mahatama Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Amitabh Bachchan. Now imagine, how would they react to the different situations and encounters in a single day. Can they be consistent? Can they stay true? Can you be consistent? Is there any one quality you have which can stay true at all times under all conditions? Is there a way?

This article is not an attempt to find a solution to this dilemma but simply to recognize it and find answers that may help us be ourselves. To find that one thing that is so true and real under all conditions, whatsoever. To identify or discover that one behaviour or attitude that puts us at ease and becomes our true personality. That one thing that helps you become the personal brand that you want to be.
Thank you for reading.